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Australian Pressure Vessel Heads

Australian Pressure Vessel Heads (APV Heads) is a world class manufacturer of Dished Ends, Pipe Caps and Pressure Vessel Heads. APV Heads uses a market leading Hot Press approach to shaping steel which leads to high quality, strong and reliable end products.


Hot Pressed, Australian Made

We Hot Press within the material’s normalising temperature range.

Our Hot Pressing approach prevents the materials from strain hardening at high temperature. This results in:

  • The highest quality yield strength.
  • Minimum chance of stress on the product.
  • Australian Made Dished Ends.
  • Australian owned and operated

6 Reasons to Work with APV Heads


Trusted since 1948

Established and trusted since 1948, highlighting the reliability in our products.


Set World Records

See below for our contributions to the National Geographic Deepsea Challenger Mission.


Australian Steel

We only use Australian steel which is renowned globally for its quality.


Delivering Worldwide

From Asia Pacific to Europe and Americas, we deliver across the globe


Quality Guarantee

We’ll get it right the first time. Speak to our team about our 100% quality guarantee.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

Beyond quality, you can expect quick responses and expert advice

Our Products






hemispherical dished end


Conical Dished End

Flat Flanged

flat-flanged dished end

Dished Only

Dished Only

Setting World Records

In March, 2012 - Titanic movie Director James Cameron set a world record for diving to the lowest-known point of earth at 10,900 metres below the ocean's surface. At this depth, the pressure is 1000 times that of the surface.

The highest quality of materials and exceptional standards of engineering were required in order to design a submarine that could withstand this pressure.

The bright green vessel, dubbed as the "Deepsea Challenger" was built in Sydney with Australian Pressure Vessels contracted to build the 109cm case of Pilot's Chamber.

The dive took an hour to descend to the bottom at which point the vessel itself shrank as much as 7cm. This meant that APV Heads had to design the Pilot's Chamber to withstand the pressure. If anything happened, this not only would have been a failed mission, this could have cost the life of one of the world's most renowned movie directors.

Australian Pressure Vessels are proud to have contributed to the success of this remarkable achievement and highlights our focus on quality and high standards of engineering to ensure our Customer's succeed first time.

Right Image – Schematic of Deepsea Challenger (Credit: Deepsea Challenge/Zuckerberg)

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